Green home energy efficiency to combat climate change and create jobs

by Dave Nickarz

Much of the housing in Wolseley is a century old. While many of these homes are solid, well-built structures, most are poorly insulated. They are hot in summer, cold in winter and expensive to operate. An ambitious home insulation program would address these problems and much more.

You may be asking what is wrong with the programs Manitoba currently offers.

While existing provincial loan programs have helped many Manitobans insulate their homes, Manitoba Hydro’s PowerSmart program is being replaced by a new Crown Corporation called Efficiency Manitoba.

To date, Efficiency Manitoba has only a website and a newsletter. While Hydro continues to offer loan programs, their future remains unclear at a time when we need to be doing much, much more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

That is why I support an ambitious home insulation program; it would address many issues:

  • Well insulated homes are more comfortable all year around.
  • Cooling and heating costs would go down dramatically.
  • It would create thousands of well-paying jobs.
  • It would greatly reduce emissions of greenhouse gases that are driving climate change

Over the years I have helped many residents of our community make their homes more energy efficient. I know how beneficial this work can be.

As your MLA, I will advocate for the expansion of provincial energy efficiency programs.