gpm platform
The Green Party of Manitoba election platform addresses the needs and interests of all Manitobans. To find out more, click here.

The goal of the Green Party of Manitoba is to support the development of healthy communities where individuals can reach their full potential. We do this by putting forward economic and social policies that are environmentally sound and geared to meeting the needs of all of our citizens.

All of us need meaningful employment and/or incomes that allow us to live healthy, dignified lives. Fresh air, clean water and nutritious food along with safe, affordable housing complete the picture.

It’s obvious that many Manitobans do not enjoy these basic necessities. Manitoba is routinely cited for its child poverty and the province often leads the country in homicide rates and children in care. At the same time, our governments are pursuing wasteful, old-fashioned energy policies and missing out on economic development strategies that could produce jobs and opportunities for thousands of Manitobans.

Here are some of the policies that Dave Nickarz and the Green Party would promote in the Manitoba Legislature.

The economy of the future will be green to enable us to make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy technology. This transition must begin at home. Instead of investing billions in new hydro mega-projects, Greens believe we must use this money to make our homes, businesses and public spaces energy efficient. In addition to reducing our energy use, this will generate thousands of jobs. Additionally, we believe Manitoba should invest in green research & development and educate our young people to prosper in the green economy of the future.

With the many advantages Manitoba has, we should be a paradise for all of our citizens. Instead, poverty and inequality are on the increase. This must end. Part of the solution lies in developing a strong, green economy that will provide good jobs. But we must also act to help people who are unable to work, or whose incomes do not permit them to live dignified lives.

The Green Party of Manitoba proposes that we reform the tax system to ensure that all members of our society receive a guaranteed basic income that would enable them to live comfortably. The costs of a basic income program would be offset by lower costs for the justice system, healthcare and traditional income support programs.

Sadly, Manitoba leads the country in the number of children in care. While children who are at risk of abuse or neglect must always be protected, apprehending them must be done only as a last resort. Greens believe we must provide more resources to help families stay together.

With advances in solar, wind and geothermal energy technologies, Manitoba’s reliance on northern hydroelectric dams must be examined to see if it is still a good strategy. While it made good sense in the last century to finance our hydro development with energy exports, this strategy is no longer viable because our traditional customers are finding renewable energy alternatives closer to home.

It seems likely that Manitoba Hydro customers will be saddled with a massive debt for decades to come that can only be paid off with big increases in their utilities bills.

For these reasons, Greens support a moratorium on current hydro projects and the development of a provincial energy strategy that makes use of new technologies.

Additionally, Greens believe that governments must encourage the use of electric vehicles and the expansion of public transportation. Moreover, we must stop subsidizing the petroleum industry.

Food that we import has become increasingly expensive. Part of this is related to the unfavorable exchange rate between the Canadian and US dollars, but part is associated with the long distances food travels to reach Manitoba.

Greens believe that we must do much more to promote local, organic agriculture as a way of ensuring food security. And we believe more can be done to promote green houses, especially as a way of reducing the cost of food in remote northern communities.

You can learn more about the policies of the Green Party of Manitoba here.