About Dave

Dave and his wife Laura have lived in the Wolseley Riding since 2003. Dave operates a small business renovating homes working extensively in his own neighbourhood. His familiarity with the people, places and issues important to his community is strengthened every day.

Dave has been an active member of the Green Party of Manitoba since 1999 because of the GPM’s commitment to address climate change, protect environmental health, and support social well-being. In his 2016 election campaign, Dave came close to winning the Wolseley seat in the Manitoba Legislature. His campaign saw a terrific surge in Green Party support, attracting unprecedented numbers of voters, supporters and volunteers.

For the past four years Dave has served on the board of the West Broadway Community Organization, where he has been especially involved in its Good Food Club, which supports food security as well as community economic and social development.

A lifelong interest of Dave’s has been wildlife and habitat protection. Since the early 1990s he has been active in forest conservation campaigns in Manitoba. He was part of the first efforts to stop logging in Manitoba’s provincial parks, a goal finally achieved in 2009. In 1993 he spent a month in the peace camp at BC’s Clayoquot Sound, joining 900 other citizens in civil disobedience by blockading logging roads. The campaign led to increased protection for old growth forests. Dave has also spoken out against the expansion of the fossil fuel industry and new pipelines.

Dave worked to reduce the use of pesticides for mosquito control; however, this work was interrupted by a diagnosis of testicular cancer in 2005. His experience gave him a new insight into Manitoba’s healthcare system and a strengthened respect for the people working hard under often challenging conditions. Dave has been healthy and cancer free since 2006.

For 22 years Dave has volunteered with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society protecting marine wildlife by upholding international conservation law. He has been a crew member on ships that have taken him to Antarctica and around the world.

Dave is passionate about the well-being of his community, from the relationships he continues to strengthen within his neighbourhood, to the protection of our local ecosystems.

By sending Dave to the legislature in 2019, voters in Wolseley, West End, Armstrong Point and West Broadway will get a strong voice for action on climate change, social justice and a sustainable economy.


sea shepherd campaign
Dave Nickarz in Antarctica as part of the 2009-2010 Sea Shepherd Society campaign