For a New Voice & Real Solutions

If recent polls are accurate, Manitobans want a change.

We want a government that shares our priorities for safe, healthy, sustainable communities — for eliminating poverty — for protecting our environment.

We expect our leaders to be innovative and visionary, to build on what has worked well and to abandon failed strategies.

And we want an end to the politics of fear – of attack ads – of hyper-partisan negativity – of politicians who divide rather than unite.

Yet in election after election, we elect more of the same. It does not seem to matter who forms government. Rather than looking at old problems with fresh eyes, our leaders stick with the failed strategies they know best. Photo-ops substitute for action and platitudes for policy. All the while they scare us into voting for them because they are “not as bad as the other guy.”

Enough is enough! The time for excuses has passed. We need a new voice and real solutions. The Green Party of Manitoba offers progressive, practical approaches to the full range of issues we face. You owe it to yourself to learn more and to lend us your support.

In Wolseley, our candidate is David Nickarz. Dave is a seasoned, articulate, intelligent community activist who “walks the talk.” We can count on Dave to stand up for our community in the Manitoba Legislature and to bring a much needed Green voice to Manitoba politics.