A New Voice for Action

Hello. My name is Dave Nickarz and I want to be your Manitoba Legislative Assembly representative for the Wolseley Riding.

I’m your long-time neighbour, living in West Broadway. I’ve worked and volunteered in the community for many years. You may know me as a small business owner—I’ve renovated and retrofitted houses throughout our Riding. I might have met you in my capacity as a board member for the West Broadway Community Organization or as a campaigner on behalf of oceans, forests, and animals.

Our community is a vibrant place with great spirit, and it’s easy to be enthusiastic about contributing on a larger scale for its continued well-being. As an MLA for Wolseley, I will advocate for this community with a new vigour. As a member of the Legislature, I will advocate for the province; for measures that ensure all Manitoba communities are safe, healthy, and sustainable.

I believe responsibility as a global citizen begins at home. We can all impact our world for the better by addressing issues at the local level. The world is facing an unparalleled climate crisis and the Manitoba Government has a responsibility to you, to respond with well-informed action to this crisis.

I will bring my decades of experience as an environmental advocate to the Manitoba Legislature. By advocating for a sustainable economy that’s responsive to the needs of Manitobans, I plan to bring a much-needed Green voice to Manitoba politics.