Wolseley NDP campaign misleads tenants about Green Party Guaranteed Annual Income policy

Misleading NDP LeafletWinnipeg, April 3, 2016 – An NDP election campaign leaflet being distributed in apartment blocks in Wolseley contains seriously misleading statements about Green Party of Manitoba policy, said David Nickarz, Green candidate.

“The NDP says the Green Party will cancel poverty reduction programs. What the NDP neglects to say is that a Green government would replace the NDP’s patchwork of poverty reduction tax credits and programs with a Guaranteed Annual Income program that would cut poverty in Manitoba by almost half in the first year,” Nickarz said.

“With our program, which we announced March 16th, the incomes of Manitobans living below the low-income cut-off would rise by 22 per cent on average,” Nickarz said. “Within the space of a year, the Green Guaranteed Annual Income would reverse the rising tide of poverty that an NDP government has been unable and unwilling to address during 17 years.”

“Our program is fully costed and clearly explained. There is absolutely no excuse for the NDP to mislead and scare voters, many of whom are not even eligible for tax credits as they do not have incomes high enough to access tax credits,” said Nickarz. “The NDP’s decision to use misleading statistics in their leaflet is disappointing. I look forward to discussing this and other issues in the debate that is scheduled for April 7th at the Orioles Community Club.”

Links to background documents:

1. Guaranteed Annual Income Backgrounder: https://davidnickarz.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/gai-background-2016-04-03.pdf

2. Misleading Wolseley NDP Campaign Leaflet: https://davidnickarz.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/misleading-ndp-leaflet.png