Support Manitoba’s Midwives, says Green candidate David Nickarz

David NickarzDavid Nickarz, Green Party of Manitoba candidate for Wolseley in the upcoming provincial election, has thrown his support behind Manitoba’s midwives in their contract negotiations with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

“Manitoba’s midwives have been without a contract for almost two years. Wages are not competitive with those paid in other provinces. Having visited the Winnipeg Birth Centre and spoken with staff there, I believe it’s time Manitoba provided the resources needed to provide fair, competitive wages,” said Nickarz.

Nickarz urged Green Party members and supporters to sign the petition created by community supporters of CUPE Local 2348 and to write to the Minister of Health at

“The many health benefits midwifery provides for mothers and their children are well known, but we will never realize these benefits if our provincial government refuses to deal fairly with our midwives,” Nickarz said.

In addition to being the Green Party candidate in Wolseley, David Nickarz is the party’s Energy Conservation and Water Stewardship critic.