David Nickarz and his wife, Laura, have lived in the Wolseley riding since 2003. Dave runs a small business specializing in renovating older homes in the neighbourhood, including making them more energy efficient.

A life-long environmentalist, Dave has 25 years of active experience in forest conservation, marine wildlife protection and working to end the use of pesticides and other toxins.

In 1993, along with a thousand other activists, Dave stood up for the ancient rainforests of Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia. This successful civil disobedience campaign was the largest in Canadian history.

Dave played a key role in the successful effort to end logging in Manitoba’s provincial parks. This grassroots effort, which took twenty years to achieve, resulted in a parks logging ban in 2009.

sea shepherd campaign
Dave Nickarz in Antarctica as part of the 2009-2010 Sea Shepherd Society campaign

In 2005 Dave was diagnosed with cancer, underwent surgery and chemotherapy and has been cancer free since 2006.

Dave has devoted years of his life to serving on the ships of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a marine conservation group dedicated to protecting marine wildlife. He’s sailed on a total of 11 campaigns over 20 years including the successful campaign to stop illegal whaling in the waters around Antarctica. Nickarz was Vice President of Sea Shepherd Canada.

Dave is the Energy Conservation and Water Stewardship critic for the Green Party of Manitoba and is seeking election in 2020 to the Manitoba Legislature as MLA for Wolseley.

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